WHAT is a Living History Story?

A Living History story is quite simply a LIVING, BREATHING document that reveals the person's non-medical history.


And what is the VALUE of a story to a health care encounter?

Helps the health care team connect with the  patient on a new and more meaningful level

Sends real value messages to the patient and the family.  Answers that age-old question of "How will I be remembered?"

For the patient or family, it is a reminder of a life well-lived

Self-esteem builder!  A virtual "look in the mirror"


-Patch Adams

Sheila brought Living History to our organization and what an impact it has had.  Our hospital patients, nursing home residents and families love the persoal touch.  One thing I did not expect was what a positive impact it had on our State and Joint Commission surveyors.  We have even had families use these wonderful stories at funeral services because they spoke to the life in such a personal way.  

-Ada Bair, CEO, Carthage, Illinois, Memorial Hospital

You treat a disease :

you win , you lose.

You treat a person,

I guarantee you win-

no matter the outcome.